​Freedom is at the heart of the struggle for all happiness.


It's 1990. The Berlin Wall has fallen. The Cold War is over. The focus turns to apartheid South Africa: Nelson Mandela, the most famous prisoner in the world, and the old regime's plan to release him.
​Is it destiny or political expedience? Release or madness? Public history and private lives intersect. Fate, coincidence, and chance throw together three unlikely families.
Between the brooding mass of Table Mountain and the off-shore prison of Robben Island, the citizens of Cape Town respond to a changing world.
Jan Kruger burns with the trauma of an old horror, Jack Jarrard sees his ideals slipping away, Alpheus Khumalo meets his fate. Can their children, a new generation, follow their instincts, romance and hope for the nation? Three families, entangled in a vicious plot:
MAMUD: Mandela Must Die!

KILL MANDELA is the opening novel of the Freedom Trilogy​
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November 2013.