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  1. Hi John, Did you ever serve as a branch president? There is an article about the church in this month’s Ensign in which this quote appears-“In 1982 Khumbulani and several other young men in his branch were invited to attend a YSA conference. His branch president, a white brother named John Manford (their spelling) wanted the young men to look their best..he emptied his closet, distributing suits to the young men..The next Sunday President Manford wore the suit he had loaned to Khumbulani.”I could not imagine a white person wearing the same clothes that have been worn by me,” Khumbulani recalled, “but there he was. He began to help me see white people differently than I’ve ever seen them before.”
    Now an Area Seventy, Elder Mdletshe observed, “We all needed these lived experiences that caused us to change.”
    I know the name is not quite right but its the sort of thing I can imagine you would have done. Was it you?

    1. Hello Simon! Great to hear from you.
      Yes, I was the founding BP for Kwa Mashu BP (my first assignment after returning from mission) and Khumbulani was one of my finest young men. Does he still have that gap in his teeth? It’s no surprise he has turned out the way he has. Glad to have played a small part in that. Give him my best.
      Warm regards


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