Author of the Mandela Trilogy, John Mountford

My name is John Mountford and I am proudly South African. My wife, Chanie, is of Afrikaner heritage and we have raised four wonderful children over the past thirty-six years.

My family

Born and raised in Durban but currently residing in Cape Town, I have been most of the usual things in my life: varsity dropout, penniless husband, do-it-yourself housebuilder….


Some of my less conventional diversions included missionary work, street activist, public speaking and a failed attempt at a singing career (what was I thinking!).

I did, however, enjoy some success as an entrepreneur, enabling me to retire at the age of fifty-eight to embark on the day job I (perhaps) should have started with: a writer.
I have always written – diaries, poems, love letters, sermons and speeches – but these are all Karoo koppies compared to the mountain of penning a novel.
After two failed attempts I decided to get some help and worked my way through Exclusive Book’s entire shelf of twenty-one books on how to write fiction.

Self help for writers


So prepared, I returned to the arena of early mornings in front of the word processor and embarked upon my personal Everest: The Mandela Trilogy.

Four years and twelve hundred pages later I completed the manuscripts for Book’s One and Two, only to learn that this was the easy part: getting published is where the real work begins!
In April 2017 I shall be submitting my manuscripts to local publishers and will write about this next part of my writing journey in my blogs.